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I'm Noelle

Culture-craving voyageuse, dog-loving europhile, stressed-out yogi...

I’m just your regular Palestinian-American gal trying to live her best life abroad. Born and raised in Chicago, I am a deep-dish addict and Portillo’s hot dog lover. I love the big city life, and planned to return to live and work there after college! During my undergrad studies, I quickly got tired of the routine or expectations that many of my peers and friends followed. I didn’t want to be labelled by my college degree, defined by my job title or put in a box based on my hobbies, style, appearance, blah blah blah… 

I had always been passionate about language and dreamed of travelling the world. I visited Paris in 2015, fell in love with the city and vowed to never return to the routine life that was dragging me down. Today, I hope to share my experience and help others live more spontaneous & fulfilled lives. Happy reading, travelling, slaying, etc.

Xoxo Noelle

Today, I'm doing my best to live the international "broké"-bitch-life. A twenty something-year-old optimistic cynic, lover of new cultures and spa addict, I'm here to show you that "doing it all" (and then some) really is possible!
Noelle in Nantes

Long story short...

Here I am!

Bargain jet-setter, skincare "amatrice", business bitch, dog-sitter...

Story time! About 5 years ago I was an almost-college-grad with a big dream. I was determined to move abroad to start a new chapter of my life in France. A bunch of “what if’s” & of course, some support from friends and family members, several financial road bumps & many visa struggles later, I made it happen!

Yep, that’s right. In July of 2017, I packed my bags and headed to the quaint city of Poitiers, France. It was a year that changed my life and, ultimately, reaffirmed my original desire to move. 

However, my journey living in France hasn’t exactly been “la vie en rose”, 100% of the time. I’ve had my fair share of issues and obstacles, from figuring out how to open a bank account to awkward culturally-common encounters like “la bise” and much, much more. Yikes!

The silver lining of all this? I was able to (mostly) figure it all out! Well, at least enough to be able to write about it here and hopefully help you lovely people. And, of course, all of this has allowed me to figure out how I fit into the greater & grander scheme of the world. 

Today, I’m doing my best to live the international “broké”-bitch-life. A twenty something-year-old optimistic cynic, lover of new cultures and spa addict, I’m here to show you that “doing it all” (and then some) really is possible!

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Short & Sweet Timeline...

May 2017 >

Graduated from college with a double b.a. in journalism, mass comm and French Language & immediately accepted an English teaching position in Poitiers, France.

Moved to France with the intention of staying there for good!I didn't foresee the visa issues that awaited. :/

< August 2017

September 2017 >

started teaching at the university of Poiters & enrolled in the master's program at the business school.

Had one of the best years of my life (thus far) meeting new people, learning new things & travelling to new places.

< 2018

April 2019 >

Reluctantly returned to chicago after some frustrating visa-related issues... It sucked, but I didn't give up!

Finished my first master's degree remotely & Got accepted to another Master's program, this time in Nantes, France.

< July 2019

March 2020 >

Covid-19 hit in France and boarders started closing. Confinement had not yet gone into effect. I was feeling burnt out and lacking purpose and fulfilment in my life.

Finished my second master's degree and decided that corporate life wasn't for me. Big yikes.

< November 2020

January 2021 >

Decided to be my own boss! I created a solo-preneur company called Franglish, where I teach language & marketing, translate documents and give advice for your professional and personal (international) projects!

Returning to my roots of writing, reading, traveling and living life thanks to this blog and the opportunity to work for myself.

< Today

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